It’s amazing to me how far I’ve come since I started this journey back in the end of March.  I weighed in at 225 on March 23, 2015 — and about five and a half months later I’m down over 30 pounds to my all-time low of 191.5.  I haven’t been this slim since March of 2010 when I made my last weight loss attempt — and back then I was starting out around 200 pounds.  This time around I had an extra 25 bills to work off.

People have started noticing the change, too — my face is a lot thinner and more pronounced, my waistline is slimmer, and my size 36 jeans feel like voluminous parachutes now.  Even all my brewery work shirts (size large) feel excessively baggy now, and am wondering if I’m going to have to size myself down to mediums for brewery work shirts soon.  Either way, the difference is tangible and I can’t wait to see how size 32 jeans will fit (and if I can even get down to a size 30)!

I still have a little over 20 pounds to go to reach my goal of 170, which will bring me down to an acceptable level in terms of what the Body Mass Index declares as the upper limits of healthy for my gender, age, and height.  If I can maintain this present course, I should be on par to hit 170 by the end of the year, which would be a GREAT way to kick off the New Year — instead of having a goal centered around weight loss, it can be around something productive, like distance goals for both running and biking for that year.

Ultimately I’d like to be down around 155-160, which is smack dab in the middle of my target BMI.  I honestly can’t remember when the last time was that I weighed myself in sub-190.  I’m sure it was when I was in my late 20s when I was first married, but I have no written (let alone any digital) record of my weight before 2010.  I’m sure the weight loss progress will start to slow down as I get closer to my goal, and full well expect that I’ll reach that target sometime by late winter or early spring.  And then from there-on it’ll be all maintenance and will be able to re-adjust my calorie intake to maintain that weight without progressive gains.

The thing I keep reminding myself is that this is not a phase of my life. This is not a diet.  This is not a trend.  This is my new normal — I budget my calorie intake throughout the day and remember that I have to eat (and drink) less when I’m on a rest day that doesn’t involve physical activity.

And both running and biking are here to stay as long as my body will allow it. It’s hard to believe that I’m saying this, but I love it! I love running and LOVE biking.  I love what it’s done for my physical fitness, I love how I feel about myself with how far I’ve progressed, and I love the endorphin boost that it gives me, which has helped me push through periods of depression.  This is also my new normal.

I can’t wait to report my arrival to the 170 mark in a few months! You don’t know how excited this makes me!