This morning marks the first day of my half marathon training, a twelve-week training plan that was in one of the recent issues of Runner’s World Magazine (August 2015).  Up to this point I had been working my way up to a 10K and feel that I’ve got that down sufficiently to run it with confidence. My time isn’t particularly fast, but I’m quite content with that. Tempo will come with time and continued training. My primary goal right now is endurance and distance — I want to be able to continue to run further than I have before and hit new distance PRs.  So far I’ve worked my way up to 8.5 miles last Saturday; and although I felt really sluggish on that run, it was still a run.

Here’s the training plan that I’m using — sorry about the iFrame…WordPress sucks for editing tables.

My weekends has me running both days, one of which (the shorter of the two) will be broken up with a ride in between to get me used to the mechanics of a duathlon.  On the whole, it seems pretty doable. The 10, 11, and 12-mile days are going to kick my ass, but by then my baseline endurance should be up where it will be doable — hard, but doable.

This first morning of training felt fantastic. I felt like I was running at a decent pace — I might have been able to hold it, but we started to slow up a little leading into that third mile and then switched to intervals to make sure my running partner could still hang with me. My first mile was sub-12, which is pretty good for me — really good for my running partner since he averages 12:30s or higher.

Looking back over my Strava stats, it’s hard to believe that I’m coming up on 200 miles of running this year — could be more since I started out with a stupid Couch-to-5K app (that would routinely drain my battery after only 25 minutes of use) for a couple months there. And I already have 114 miles on my Hokas, which I got not all that long ago.  I might have to start thinking about another pair a few weeks before the half marathon in October and start alternating.  I do have a feeling that those Hokas might have a little bit more mileage in them than 250, since they have the huge amount of support and cushion.  They may be a good candidate for my winter running shoes, since I won’t be afraid to slap some hex screws in them for traction.

Anyway, great to start the half training schedule.  I’m looking forward to running that in October and celebrating a huge accomplishment like that. Which then has me thinking beyond that and what my training schedule should be beyond that point. Probably 10ks for the weekends, and shorter runs during the weekdays like hills and speed runs. We’ll see.