I tried to go running this morning and it ended up being a shorter, and slower, recovery run. It was still a great calorie burn, but I felt like a train wreck — between a blister in between my toes, sun burn on my back and shoulders, road rashes from my wreck last week, and residual aches from back-to-back trail runs over the weekend. It’s not so much that I pushed myself to my limits …I really didn’t. I just happened to have the misfortune of a few preventable injuries, that when stacked together, just make running less pleasurable.

This morning was a short, two and a half mile run with my buddy Darin and we were averaging a slower pace of 13-minute miles. I usually push myself to try for faster than twelve-minute miles, but yeah — feeling beat up today. But tomorrow is #BEERandBIKES day down to Indeed, and I’m pretty stoked about that. I’m going to really miss these Wednesday evenings when winter hits and I’m unable to bike down to the breweries and have to settle for driving down for my beer instead.

There’s a distinct treat (for me anyway) in riding for a good half-hour to 45 minutes down to a brewery, and enjoying a couple beers after burning several hundred calories on the way down. It makes enjoying those beers relatively guilt-free, it helps get me into better shape, and it’s just fun to ride with some friends to a fun destination.

You can bet that I’m going to take advantage of every Wednesday evening ride until it’s no longer practical. This just might mean me riding up until the snow flies.  🙂