Hey there peeps. My name is Michael and I love beer — really good beer. But I’ve also got a problem (if you can even call it a problem) — I enjoy it almost too much, and to the detriment of my health.  I brew my own beer, love frequenting tap rooms, and generally choose craft beer over other beverages when going out to eat …and those calories add up fast.

Fifty pounds overweight later, I find myself back on the fitness train to lose the excess pounds, make physical fitness the norm, and earn the calories that I consume.

I decided that instead of using my old blog, I’d set up one just for fitness, biking, running, and enjoying craft beer responsibly. I imagine you’ll find a potpourri of posts here, everything from what I’m presently doing in my running and biking regiments, to the latest tap rooms opening up in the Twin City metro area in Minnesota, to just other things I’m thinking of.

So subscribe to the blog, and follow me on this journey towards earning my beer.